About the author

Hello! I’m Kyle Marie.

Born and raised in the great state of Iowa (not on a corn farm…), I grew up loving books. My passion lies in fantasy novels, and while I often take breaks to expand my reading horizons, you can usually find me curled up with a good novel by Brandon Sanderson or Steven Erikson.

I moved to Northern Virginia, outside Washington D.C., to be with my now husband in 2010. We married in 2011, welcomed our first son in March 2013 and our second in March 2017. It was at this point we relocated to the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham) in North Carolina for a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle. Our dog, Gimli, came along for the ride, of course. I currently stay at home with my boys, trying to make time to write, read, and hopefully start a freelance career.

Bachelor of Arts, concentration in English Literature
Previously studied Accounting

Work Experience
Project Manager, implementing entire process within company
Account Manager, including technical writing work
Solutions Coordinator, a terrible title for manager level duties and projects
Media Analyst, reviewing mobile advertisements for compliance
Report Writer, data entry, quality assurance, and training
Administrative Assistant, rather self-explanatory

Reading, usually fantasy and lots with my sons
Writing, sadly off and on
Crafting, including but not limited to cross stitch, sewing, and wreath making
Cooking and Baking, 95% vegan at home

Have a book you would like to suggest? Interested in making a more personal comment? I would love you hear from you.


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