T5W: Favorite SFF Creatures

This week’s Top Five Wednesday is a crossover with the Booktube SFF Awards Book Babble. We are picking our favorite creatures from science-fiction and fantasy. I’ll be honest. I struggled with this one. I have read so many stories with so many creatures. There are some that are poorly done, maybe a poor explanation or physics. Some just meld into the background and are soon forgotten. Others are standouts. For me, I really only have three categories that will make me love a book almost instantly (or at least that character).



Let’s be real. Dragons are the best. Period. I will pick up a book just because it has dragons in it. My book (that I’ve been “writing” for years) is very dragon-focused. It’s hard to pick my favorite. The Dragonrealm and Dragonlance series are special for nostalgic reasons, but I’d probably say Smaug. Classic and bad-ass.

Animal Companions/Daemons

golden compass, pullman

I am a massive animal-lover. As soon as I started The Golden Compass, I knew my life would never be complete since I couldn’t have a companion like Lyra. Really, I love any book that contains talking animal companions. I recently read Nevermoor and I went nuts for Fen, the sassy, cranky, huge talking cat.

Animal Mash-ups

metamorphoses, ovid

Chimaera, hippogriffs, and minotaurs! I love creatures that are crazy creations of other animals and creatures put together. Greek mythology is full of these and so are many classic fantasy novels. I also love seeing authors come up with their own creations, as long as it makes sense. Bonus points if the creature is a faithful mount!

Honorable Mention: Super cute creatures, like the niffler or that humming snail thing from Skyward.


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