T5W: Favorites That Aren’t Books

The past couple of Top 5 Wednesdays pertain to relationships. I didn’t participate in last week’s “Nostalgic Ships,” and this week, the topic is about “Independent Ladies” who aren’t distracted by romance. To be honest, I don’t tend to focus on these things as much anymore, and I tend not to even think about them when I look back. Romance and relationships play a pivotal role in books, and they can make or break them, but I am finding that these aspects stick with me less and less. So, instead, I thought I’d highlight some things other than books that I am loving in my life right now.

Disney (Mostly Disney World)


In fact, if you are reading this the day it’s posted, I am in Disney World with my husband and two sons! In preparation for the trip, I have become a bit obsessive again, to the point of buying one hundred trading pins. And I am worried that it may become a new collection for me!



My obsession with YouTube is that it is such a great distraction. Unfortunately, it also means I am watching videos and getting sucked into the video vortex rather than being productive. I follow a lot of BookTubers, most of who talk fantasy or young adult books, but I branch out from time to time. I love other channels about crafting, writing, journaling, and lately, of course, Disney pins.



While the obvious reason for my interest in copyediting is because I am finishing up my certificate program, I am also really interested in reading about the industry. I’ve gathered many books and other resources in hopes to better prepare for my freelance journey. I think I have a way to go, but I find the topic so fascinating. I love being nerdy!

Cross Stitch


I really love this relaxing and creative craft. It’s so easy to get into, and it can be a bit addicting to find patterns. Recently, I was able to go to my local crafting Meetup, and I chatted about the project that made me quit for a while. I bought a poster-sized template of a Lord of the Rings stained glass picture. It is so massive that it burnt me out. I’d love to make time to get back into it. Maybe with some smaller projects first.



This year, I switched from a Passion Planner to a Hobonichi Cousin, and I have been religiously filling it out daily. I love tracking where I spend my time, and I am hoping that when I get back from vacation, I can better plan how to allocate that time to meet my goals. I keep track of quite a few different things, and I’m still figuring out my aesthetic. I have been journaling daily now for nearly six years. The amount I write has dropped drastically, but I am currently keeping a five-year journal for both my sons.

Honorable Mentions: Books, of course.

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