ReRead-A-Thon 2019 Announcement!


It’s time to share some amazing news! I get to be a host for the amazing Merphy Napier’s ReRead-A-Thon in 2019! Last year, she started this week-long readathon centered around rereading, as the name implies. The idea is that you focus on getting back to those books you’ve been meaning to pick up again but maybe just haven’t had the time for. Well, now we made time!

From March 10th-16th, choose as many books as you think you can reasonably reread and join in the fun. Each day during that week, one Blogger, one Bookstagrammer, and one BookTuber (over on Twitter) will host the topic for the day and offer a giveaway! That’s right, you have 21 chances to win a prize of the host’s choice. Make sure you check out our Twitter to keep up to date.


As with any readathon, there are challenges that you can try to complete! Here is the list with the date they will be hosted (and your lovely hosts).

Game Changing Book (one that opened your eyes/made you love a new genre) – March 10

Giving a Book a Second Chance – March 11

A New Favorite – March 12

An Old Favorite – March 13

Underrated/Unpopular Book – March 14

Popular Book – March 15

Childhood Favorite – March 16

Of course, one book can meet more than one challenge, and remember, check in each day with your hosts for a chance to win. Each host will have details on how to enter their giveaway.

Make sure to check back here at the start of March for my TBR for this ReRead-A-Thon. I hope you’ll join us as we relive some books from our pasts!

Kyle Marie


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