Mini Review: The Demon Hunter


Tsayad is tasked with vanquishing demons for his clients in the sleepy town assigned to him. With his trusty blade and riotous shotgun, unclean spirits were no match for him- that is, until a greater darkness began to seep in. Tsayad soon finds that he is not strong enough on his own to drive off this force of evil.

For fans of B-horror movies with ridiculous violence and plenty of cheese.

Final thoughts

Both short stories and urban fantasy aren’t something that I typically reach for, however, this was a nice palette cleanser between all the large and dense books I’ve been reading lately. It’s very short, less than 50 pages, which meant I could read it in one sitting. The last line of the synopsis really does fit this book. There are times it’s a bit cheesy in the dialogue and action, but it’s in a fun, silly way. The story isn’t overly ambitious, sticking with a simple plot about a bigger baddie coming into town. To be fair, that fits this short of a story.

The writing has room to improve. There were times when it felt simplistic or lacking the detail to move the story into a really engaging one. I found myself making notes about questions I wish he had answered or expanded upon. These were details that could have easily been pulled off in 50 pages. The dialogue was also a bit clunky and could have benefited from more editing. However, for a self-published debut, there were some great lines, and I would be interested to see how the author improves with more time and maybe more pages. Even with the issues I had, it was a fast, fun romp into a genre I don’t normally read. At an affordable price, I think it’s worth picking up and supporting more self-published works.

4 Star

I received a free copy via the author in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Author: David Belau
Release Date: September 22, 2018
Format Read: Kindle
Category(s): Urban Fantasy, Short Story
Pages:  47 (Kindle)
Series(?): No



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