Reading Year in Review – 2018

Back in the middle of the year, I made up a stat sheet with my reading information for the year so far. I thought it would be fun to update it and reflect a little on the year that’s passed. This will be more high level, but you can check out individual monthly wrap-ups or my best and worst books of 2018. Keep in mind, none of my reading statistics or wrap-ups including the reading I do with my kids. That’s just a bonus! I track all my reading through Goodreads, so the page stats may not be exact due to different versions.

Stats 2018

I met my goal for the year by the time I made my mid-year review. I challenged myself to read at least three books a month the rest of the year (and promptly forgot about that challenge). August was a close call, but I managed to defeat that challenge and then some. This year was my best reading year yet for both total books and total page count, the latter by a long shot which doesn’t even include books I didn’t finish.

Big shocker that my most read genre is fantasy. It’s the genre that is always the top. I did step out of my comfort zone with quite a few nonfiction books. I once again read a lot of young adult. I enjoy that I can get my fantasy fix without the excruciating detail, making them a much quicker read. Sadly, they aren’t hitting the spot like they used to, and my longest read of the year was one of them!


I did this section in my mid-year wrap up, and I’d love to continue to put libraries center stage. I can’t stress enough how amazing libraries are. I use several formats that are offered through my library.

  • Kindle format: 30
  • Physical copy: 10
  • Hoopla: 17 (all graphic novels)

Your library has something for everyone, no matter your reading taste or style. Did you know that if your library doesn’t have what you are looking for that you can request it? Support your local branch today!


How was your reading in 2018? Did you meet your goal? What was your most read genre? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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