The Festive Christmas Book Tag

Merry Christmas Eve! In honor of this wonderful time, I thought it would be fun to do themed tags around my favorite thing: books! This is the second day in my lead up to Christmas that I’m doing this. Check out yesterday’s post. Some of the questions are similar, so I tried to mix it up.

fictional family

harry potter, sorcerers stone, rowling

The Weasley house sounds so fun. I have a big family as well, and I love the celebrations they bring.

bookish item


Funko is rereleasingĀ Lord of the Rings characters, and there are some I need to complete my collection. I’d also enjoy a literary scarf, candle, or enamel pin.

christmas elf


Betty, the smidgen thief, has the size going for her. She loves candy, though beware any mushroom-shaped ones.

christmas song

twilight, meyer

“All I Want to Christmas is You,” because Bella has no thoughts other than needing Edward. Nothing.

naughty list


For making goblins pretty. And more.

nice list


A funny and heartwarming comic.

book cover christmas

Definitely moreĀ The Bear and the Nightingale, but as I used it already yesterday, I wanted to share another “winter-vibes” book.

series for everyone


An inspiring but heartbreaking look at the capacity of animals to think and feel. This book will move you.

And for those of you who may not celebrate this holiday, I hope you are still having a wonderful time of year! Happy Holidays!

Kyle Marie

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