Conquering My Collection

Conquering (1)

If I have one complaint about my husband, it’s that he doesn’t really read. I wanted to share my love of and thoughts on books with someone, so back in 2011, I started this blog with an idea. Here is a part of my original “About” section.

[…] After making a list of all of the books I own, I realized I had only read half of them. This may not seem so bad, but the number of books I own is slightly staggering… almost 300 […]

So, as a result, I have decided to progress through my bookshelves and read every last one… finally. […]

This blog is to track my progress as well as share the journey of discovering what my own library has to offer.

A noble goal! So how did I do?

Well, okay, I suppose. In about seven months, I read and reviewed fifteen books. Unfortunately, only seven of them were books I owned. My blogging was sporadic, and eventually, I got way off track. I don’t even think I was trying to meet my goal of reading my own library, let alone blogging about it.

So why am I bringing this up again?

I use an app called Libib to catalog my home library. Within the app, you can maintain several different libraries. I have ones for my sons, my husband, my ebooks, my comics, and my physical books. As I was updating my son’s with all his new early chapter books, I realized I hadn’t updated my physical collection since moving to North Carolina over a year ago. I spent a glorious evening scanning and organizing my collection. That is not sarcasm, I love organizing. Here is a picture of my bookshelves when we first moved in, before decorating and, ahem, more books.


After completing my update, the grand total came to 377 for just my own physical books. So it appears that my collection has grown quite a bit since 2011, even if I did get rid of a lot. How does that work, exactly? Oh, that’s right, I got more selective in the types of books I buy, but then I bought a lot of those.

One great thing about Libib (there are many) is you can set a status for each book. So, I went through and marked all the books I had read. Then I went through and marked all the books I would never read all the way through (anthologies, duplicates, and crafting type things). And I got my total of unread books that I own:


That’s not even including individual books within compendiums, like Narnia or Jane Austen. Feeling a bit ashamed of myself and also a little inspired, I thought I’d try this whole reading through my own library thing again. I am making it a goal for 2019, and of course, I thought I’d name it after my original blog title.

What’s the goal?

As I still plan on picking up other books on a whim and I have some other goals to meet (which I’ll mention in a future post), I don’t want to be too strict with myself. Each month, I’ll choose one book each from two different categories that I am breaking down as follows:

  1. Out of My Comfort Zone Category
    1. Classic (old or modern, e.g. Shakespeare or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
    2. Contemporary (e.g. Brooklyn: A Novel)
    3. Nonfiction (e.g. Cleopatra: A Life)
  2. My Usual Category
    1. Fantasy (e.g. Wheel of Time)
    2. Mythology (e.g. Paradise Lost or Le Morte D’Arthur)
    3. Science Fiction (e.g. Leviathan Wakes)

If I’m feeling up for it, I can go for more. I know I won’t get through them all next year, but I’d love to make a dent. Each time I complete a book and post about it, you’ll see this fun photo I made!


You can check out my “owned to read” shelf on Goodreads. And let’s just hope I do a better job of updating you here! Join me, and conquer your own collection!

Kyle Marie


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