What’s on My Screen -Aug 7

Brazen Bibliophile'sSince this blog is mostly about books and book-related things, I don’t often talk about the other media I consume. I thought it would be fun to chat occasionally about what I am playing and watching. Don’t expect any reading or book updates here unless it specifically related to what I’m talking about.


Currently Playing: World of Warcraft


One week away from the new expansion! It has now reached the point that I am excited. While I have been playing the game for over 12 years, I still love the new content. The past three or four expansions we’ll play for a bit, quit, then come back (sometimes several times). We usually don’t play continuously except around expansion release. My husband went back quite a few months ago and convinced me to join him again in May. We leveled alts and just generally prepared for the release, but now things are ratcheting up with the pre-patch content. I won’t really talk about all of the details here, but you can comment below if you are interested in the new expansion or the game in general. Needless to say, I have been playing every few nights for the past month, but starting next week, I foresee a lot of time spent in-game. I better get that backlog of blog posts done now!

Also Playing: Minecraft Switch Edition – Creative Mode

My 5-year-old son is obsessed with all things Minecraft right now. It can get tiresome with the constant talk of creepers, but I love his excitement and will gladly fuel his love for anything he’s into. He likes to play creative mode since survival is a little hard for him at this age. He watches all sorts of videos and reads books about things to build, and it amazes me the stuff he can make in-game. I love when he asks me to play multiplayer, though I am trying to get him to do more on his own.


Currently Watching: YouTube

aqltrn9tAs I have gotten really excited about blogging and playing a lot of Warcraft, I tend to put on YouTube in the background. Most of the videos I watch are BookTube or craft videos. The book related videos are great because I usually don’t need to actually watch the screen, just listen to what they are saying about the book. It’s a great way for me to keep up to date (something I never used to do) while being able to do something else, sometimes including my copyediting course.

Most Recently Watched: Jersey Shore Family Reunion

I hate to admit this. In my defense, my husband put it on for mindless entertainment. The boys went to bed on time for once, and we weren’t quite ready to sit in front of our computers. He tends to fall asleep if we put on a show after 9pm, so it’s been a while since we’ve picked a show to watch together. We tend to stick to reality shows or competitions, as it doesn’t matter if we miss one. We love The Great British Bakeoff, Top Chef, and Inkmaster, none of which are currently running. Sometimes we throw on Bar Rescue for fun, so last night he mixed it up. It’s mesmerizing in its trainwreck style, and like the original, I find myself unable to look away. Help me.

Up Next: Hard Knocks – new season starting on HBO

Shows I am now at least one season behind thanks to reading, writing, and WoW:

  • Vikings
  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Jessica Jones
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Shannara Chronicles
  • Silicon Valley
  • The 100
  • Riverdale
  • Once Upon a Time


Last Watched in Theatres: Solo

A rare treat to go to the movies when you have two young kids and no consistent babysitter outside of family visitors. Solo was a fun heist style movie that I enjoyed as long as I imagined the lead as someone other than Han Solo. I am by no means a Star Wars snob as I came to the fandom late, but I have enjoyed all the new movies so far. It’s sad that this was the movie that canceled any future “solo” movies in the near future.

Last Watched at Home: Thor: Ragnorok

mv5bmjmyndkzmzi1of5bml5banbnxkftztgwodcxodg5mji-_v1_I seriously love this movie. I have watched it about three times now, and I laugh every time. So well done. It is everything every Thor movie should have been. It plays up his naivete of the human world, throws in a little dumb blonde, adds amazing side characters and a riveting plot all tied together with bitchin’ music. Thinking about it makes me go want to watch it again. And this is coming from someone who likes superhero movies, but certainly could do without them. Go watch this one… now!

. . . . .

What’s on your screen right now? Anything you can recommend for my evergrowing list of things I’ll never get to?


  1. Yessss!! Isn’t this kind of meme so fun?? I love talking about all the things I’m currently enjoying 🙂 I have never play WoW, but I have so many friends that do! I would like to try it for myself one day.

    • It’s fun to see who is into the same things you are. I love getting to chat about this kind of stuff.
      WoW is great. You just need to have self control, haha. Luckily, the made it a lot cheaper and easier to catch up since there have been so many expansions.

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