Character List – World of Warcraft Readthrough

This page is a running list of the characters found in our readthrough of the World of Warcraft novels. This list will only contain main characters or those who have an impact on the world of Azeroth. I will do my best to keep it updated with each posting and add links to corresponding posts. The following format will be used:

Character Name (Race) Description: First Appears In; Additional Appearances

The first appearance is chronologically based, as this readthrough focuses on reading the books in order of chronological events.

Character List

Aman’Thul (Titan) Highfather of the Pantheon: Chronicle
Sargeras (Titan) Defender of the Pantheon: Chronicle
Aggramar (Titan) Sargeras’ Lieutenant: Chronicle
Eonar (Titan) Life-binder: Chronicle
Khaz’goroth (Titan) Shaper and Forger of Worlds: Chronicle
Norgannon (Titan) Keeper of Celestial Magics and Lore: Chronicle
Golganneth (Titan) Lord of the Skies and Roaring Oceans: Chronicle

Al’Akir (Elemental) the Windlord: Chronicle
Ragnaros (Elemental) the Firelord: Chronicle
Therazane (Elemental) the Stonemother: Chronicle
Neptulon (Elemental) the Tidehunter: Chronicle

N’Zoth (Old God):  Chronicle
Yogg-Saron (Old God): Chronicle
C’Thun (Old God): Chronicle
Y’Shaarj (Old God) the most corrupt and powerful: Chronicle

Highkeeper Ra (Titan-forged) Keeper who gained abilities from Aman’Thul: Chronicle
Odyn (Titan-forged) Keeper who received many abilities from Aman’Thul: Chronicle
Archaedas (Titan-forged) Keeper of earth and forging: Chronicle
Thorim (Titan-forged) Keeper of storm and skies: Chronicle
Hodir (Titan-forged) Keeper of storm and skies: Chronicle
Freya (Titan-forged) Keeper of flora and fauna: Chronicle
Loken (Titan-forged) Keeper of magic: Chronicle
Mimiron (Titan-forged) Keeper of magic: Chronicle
Tyr (Titan-forged) Keeper of strength and courage: Chronicle; Dawn of the Aspects

Kalecgos (Blue Dragon) Archmage, Aspect of Magic: Dawn of the Aspects
Nozdormu (Bronze Dragon) the Timeless One: Dawn of the Aspects
Ysera (Green Dragon) the Dreamer: Dawn of the Aspects
Neltharion (Black Dragon) the Earth-Warder: Dawn of the Aspects
Malygos (Blue Dragon) the Spell-Weaver: Dawn of the Aspects
Alexstrasza (Red Dragon) the Life-Binder, Dragonqueen: Dawn of the Aspects
Galkarond (Proto-Dragon) largest proto-dragon: Dawn of the Aspects
Jaina Proudmoore (Human) Archmage, leader of Kirin Tor: Dawn of the Aspects -uncredited

Kil’jaeden (Eredar/Demon) The Deceiver, commander of the Burning Legion: Chronicle
Archimonde (Eredar/Demon) The Defiler, commander of the Burning Legion: Chronicle
Velen (Eredar/Draenei) leader of the exiled ones: Chronicle


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