My week in books

T minus 9 days until the wedding. Seven days until we leave for Iowa. I am getting giddy, but still a little stressed out. Every night this past week (and most likely the upcoming one) has been spent either out and about buying wedding items or at home working on them. Then there are the nights I get home from work late and would rather just go to sleep. It has been stifling to my writing.

In case you can’t tell by my haphazard style of writing, I never plan ahead what I am going to write. I do not outline. I did enough of that in school. I will think of “clever” ideas I want to say, but that is usually about as far as it goes. After writing my last review, I decided I wanted to have a little more discipline. Maybe not dealing completely with content, but at least organization and planning, such as certain days for certain postings. But, with so much else to do, I have yet to formulate this plan. I am sure it will come to fruition soon, since there are a lot of books I read recently that I want to review, lost of movies I want to compare, and many questions left in my book meme.

But for today, I thought I would take some time during my lunch hour and talk about the books I have had dealings with this week.

I have to come clean. I lied a few weeks ago when I posted about my “last trip to Borders.” I went at least three times after that, but only buying some books on this last (and final) trip. Final because my Borders has closed its doors for good. I found some insane deals on books that I would not have picked up if they were not under $2. Although, I question why that amount is still okay for some of these books.

  • Rock Island Line by David Rhodes
  • Bright Young Things by Anna Godberson
  • Fabulosity: What It Is and How To Get It by Kimora Lee Simmons. (Don’t judge me yet)
  • Priceless by Nicole Richie (Keep holding off on the judging)
  • Wrestling the Hulk: My Life on the Ropes by Linda Hogan (Ok, judge away, because this is inexcusable, even though I have an excuse)

I can explain about the last three books… they are for a book club. The book club I talked about before, that only reads novels you would be embarrassed to be seen with in public. I was embarrassed to buy them. The second book seemed like an interesting young adult novel. I had seen it before in the store and the cover always intrigued me. Two girls in 1929 escape to the big city for different reasons. Where will their stories lead? The first novel is by a Midwestern author set in the Midwest. And not just any Midwest, but my Iowa. How could I pass it up?

I can’t get to any of those books until I finish reading the four books I am reading now. Although, I may have to make that five, since the Kimora Lee Simmons book is up first in the club.

I am currently reading Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure by Tim Harford. So far it is a good way to get back in to non-fiction. He researched the idea of trial and error in solving problems, even large ones like Iraq and the financial crisis. So far it is very interesting, and Harford tells his stories in an entertaining way.

I bought the Kindle ebook Divergent by Veronica Roth. It is a young adult novel set in what was once Chicago. The population has been divided into five factions that each have one belief they follow above the rest. Sixteen year old Beatrice must make the choice of staying with her family or taking another path. I am about six chapters in, and it is a quick read. Maybe the chapters are short or it is so good I have trouble putting it down. I think I might have fallen for this whole dystopian theme that is now so popular in the YA section.

I am currently listening to The Order of the Phoenix while at work. Something about Stephen Fry’s voice telling me about Harry and his friends on their adventures helps me get through the day. During travel time, I am listening to Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. A story about two women who’s lives come together after a tragic accident. It is read by Cynthia Nixon (of the Sex and the City fame), and it is pretty bad. The story so far is ok, but the voice acting is monotonous. The chapters alternate being told by each woman, and her voice doesn’t change at all between the two. I am hoping the story outshines the horrible reading.

My first trip to the local library since moving here was great. We have a really fantastic library here. I picked up the above mentioned audiobook for work, and also World of Warcraft: Stormrage by Richard Knaak and 22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson. Both are for the 14 hour road trip coming up next week.

I am looking forward to eventually reading/listening to them all, as well as another trip to the library. What are you reading right now?


  1. Good luck with the wedding!

    I actually plan out what I write about (and sometimes how I write it) quite a bit, but I’m still working on figuring out certain posts for certain days. I’m not great at sticking to schedules. 🙂 I’m also trying to decide how often to post each week and stay consistent with it.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to plan your writing more after the wedding–that’s a lot to handle, plus writing, plus a job!

    • I think the problem with schedules is that real life is so unpredictable. If I plan to write every Monday, what happens if we need to go grocery shopping or work is having a happy hour? I would like to think I could make a tentative schedule and do my best to stick by it. I do need to get better about planning out writing ahead of time, because in some of my posts I appear to be rambling!

      Thanks for the warm wishes! It’s almost only a week away!

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